Product Features
  • PVC

    We provide extra protection for customers who wish a longer service life in addition to economy in a security product by coating galvanized spiral wires with PVC.

  • Areas of Use

    These are areas where PVC-coated spiral wires are used frequently, such as highways, railways, fields, residential areas and parking lots.

    Wire Diameter / Strength : Between 3,00 mm and 3,50 mm – 350-500 N/mm²
    Zinc Coating / Mesh Size : 50 g/m² – 50mm/60mm/75mm

  • Galvanized

    The fence components manufactured with galvanized wires can be used safely for many years by means of their high corrosion resistance.

  • Advantages

    Easy installation is another reason for these galvanized roll fence components to be preferred.

    Wire Diameter / Strength : Between 2,00 mm and 3,00 mm – 350-500 N/mm²
    Zinc Coating / Mesh Size : 50-240 g/m² – 50mm/60mm/75mm

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