Product Features
  • Material

    Low carbon steel wire SAE1006 or SAE1006

  • Coating

    Hot dip galvanization - zinc coated  


  • Wire Diameter

    21GA TO 1GA


  • Zinc Coating

    0,13oz/ft2 - 0,98oz/ft2

  • Tensile Strength

    56.000PSI  - 150.000PSI

  • Coil Weight

    110Lbs - 2750Lbs

  • Packaging

    Rosette coil

  • Applications

    Cokyasar offer fast delivery - top quality galvanized wire for Steel Fence production, barbed wire production, steel hook production etc. with over 60 years experince.

    Cokyasar produce hot dip galvanized wire in 4 different plants with huge production capacity. 


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Galvanised Wire rust?

    Galvanizing is a production process which applying a protective zinc coating to steel. This zinc coating prevent steel for rusting. The most common method is hot-dip galvanizing. So Hot dip galvanized wire will rust, but it will take 5 to 30 years depend on zinc amount on the steel wire.  

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