Çokyaşar Wire and Galvanization, which operates in production of wires and wire products, was founded in 2001 and has achieved its current position in the industry after being shaped with high-quality products, good services and extensive experience.

Product Features
  • Material

    Low-carbon steel wire

  • Coating

    Hot-dip galvanized (Zn)

  • Wire Diameter

    0.80 – 6,50 mm

  • Zinc Coating

    112-320 g/m²

  • Tensile Strength

    350-500 N/mm²

  • Coil Weight

    100-1.200 kg

  • Packaging

    Rosette coil, metal-profile basket, steel/wooden drum D=630 mm and D=800 mm), Z2- Z3  drum

  • Applications

    Power cables

  • Standards

    BS 5467 / EN10257-2 / 10244-2

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